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Spine / Sport / Post Surgery
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Physical Therapy Professional Websites

www.APTA.org: The American Physical Therapy Association website has information on many
health issues, educational programs for physical therapists and referral services for physical therapists.
Look for health information under the heading “For Consumers”.

www.AAOMPT.org: The American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists was founded in
1991 to promote education and to address practice issues for Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy in the
United States. Fellows of the AAOMPT have passed rigorous clinical training programs in orthopedic manual therapy. This site also has consumer health information and can assist you in finding a Fellow in your area.

Rehabilitation Products

www.optp.com: Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products offers a broad line of rehabilitation products and supplies.

www.dynatronics.com: Dynatronics offers physical therapy supplies, educational materials, and equipment for home use such as pillows, cushions, braces, gymnastic balls and rollers.

www.relaxtheback.com: Relax the Back offers therapeutic sleep, seating, and massage products for home or office.

Pain Management Education


Lorimer Moseley, PhD, PT

TED Talk - 14 min  Click here:     https://youtu.be/gwd-wLdIHjs 

Pain education - 5 min  Click here:     https://youtu.be/C_3phB93rvI


Adriaan Louw,PT-Author of Therapeutic Neuroscience Education




Neil Pearson: Overcome Pain, Live Well Again: Part 1 (of 3) Note, part 1 is 52 min long, but well worth it!



Information website with video links




Adriaan Louw: Why Do I Hurt?  https://www.optp.com/Why-Do-I-Hurt#.WcFmVtOGOu4

Lorimer Moseley/David Butler: Explain Pain https://www.optp.com/Explain-Pain#.WcFok9OGOu4

Lorimer Moseley/David Butler: Explain Pain Handbook Protectometer  https://www.amazon.com/Explain-Pain-Handbook-Protectometer/dp/0975091093

Expansive list of resources: http://www.painmaps.com/books-understanding-pain/